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About Karen

Karen is a dynamic woman that breeds passion for life with her business partners & clients.For many years she felt helpless after having to walk away from her rewarding career with no direction in life and an illness that destroyed the strong woman she once was.

Even though her life was always revolved around fitness and health, her injuries drained the strength she needed to go forward and it  became a day to day struggle to even leave her home.Through a great connection with a neuropathic doctor, holistically Karen started to see the light come back on. She knew in her mind she wanted to be her own boss and have the ability to help others become healthier. With her immediate success in her first business, she became an expert at helping others get healthy from within. This lead to her second, now full time business, of creating a  full circle of wellness for others encompassing better health, financial wellness including time freedom.

She now lives a life that includes walking the walk she talks and teaches and provides proven solutions for others to create a life they deserve.Karen’s belief she has in others will be contagious in your life and business.

ANYONE can change their future working with Karen.


Michael Crain

Vice President Global Sales & Product Design

“Authentic is a great quality within a business owner. Especially in regard to client care. With this in mind, Karen is an icon of excellence and worthy of emulation. Her level of expertise, sincerity and care is beyond measure and I am in awe of her passion to serve.”

Selina Thomas-Ross

PHR, SHRM-CP, Human Resource Specialist at 6 Degrees HR Consulting

“Karen is a true “power partner” in the Santa Clarita business community. She shares and provides valuable business support as well as encourages business minded individuals to find their niche and go for it! I would highly recommend Karen as a partner and consultant in strategy and networking.”

Tania Mulry

Chief Marketing Officer at Brandwood Global

“Karen is so energetic, caring and determined to help every person she meets in some way, from achieving health goals, to creating a safer home or work environment, to inspiring business growth and supporting other businesses on the community. It is an honor to call her a friend and a trusted business partner. While I love mentoring others, I find Karen is able to inspire me to do and be more. Thanks for giving your talents to the world, Karen.”

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Get Early Access to Exclusive Webinar Content!