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Have you ever been in a place in your life where you had worked hard to achieve a position in your career and thought that you had it made?

Maybe you have worried thoughts of security and longevity of feeling safe in your current position?

Did you feel safe and secure,but feel overworked and even though your income is great, you had no free time??

Well, this was Karen in both cases. First her career then her first shot at being a business owner went down these paths making her feel out of my control and helpless.

Karen’s  previous career was in Law Enforcement. After 10 years of thriving in her career at the young age of 30, she was forced to retire early due to medical injuries.  She spent six years trying to get well and struggled with her finding a new life purpose. The career that she worked so hard to be successful at was gone and her identity and health were both compromised.

With soul searching and finally finding the strength to move forward after many years, she leaned on the backdrop of what had always been a part of her life – health and wellness.

Karen opened her first business allowing her true passions of fitness to come alive. With having over 25 years in the wellness industry, owning and operating her own personal training studio allowed her to be back in an environment of helping others and leading them to a healthier life.

After two years in business she realized that early hours and full working days of a traditional business were taxing and it didn’t allow for ANY time freedom. Her love to help others never wavered, but she felt that there must be something better to allow her to help more people live healthier lives all while giving her the time to live her life too.

In 2010 Karen was referred by a great friend to have a look at a different business model. She was shown a better way to do a business. A business on her terms, from her home environment, getting to do what she loved AND earning a respectable salary with a new component she was not used to getting, residual income.

Initially Karen’s  time was limited due to her busy training business. But she found about five hours a week to dedicate to  her new second business. Karen looked at her efforts as a way of creating a Plan B and an additional income stream alongside her existing business.

During Karen’s first two years working her Plan B, this stand alone income paid for my son’s college,which opened her eyes to the possibilities of now helping others achieve a better financial future and healthier life too.

Fast forward 6 years, Karen’s Plan B is her full time business. She loves giving back hope and the ability to help others dream again and make those dreams come true.

Karen and her family are living their dream life. She walks the walk that she teaches and mentors clients and business partners in making their dream life happen too.

When it comes to helping others,getting fit physically & financially, completing the Circle of Wellness – from better Health to a solid financial future is what Karen does best.